AffiliateWP Affiliate Landing Pages Version : 1.2

Affiliate Landing Pages allows you to create devoted landing web pages for your affiliates, which they can promote without utilizing an associate web link.
  • Product Version : 1.2
  • Product Last Updated : NOV 07, 2021

AffiliateWP– Affiliate Landing Pages

Affiliate Landing Pages allows thou to develop committed goal web pages for your affiliates, as they do promote without the usage of an branch web link.

Produce as well as commend a dedicated touchdown web page

With Affiliate Landing Pages, you be able presently result or appoint a committed touchdown page (page yet article) to each arm (or perhaps according to secure unique associates). This touchdown website can display comprehensive realities in regard to the affiliate, reveal content material specific after them, show material published using them, or without a doubt some point thou desire! Potentially the close to beautiful point of Associate Landing Pages is its utterly seamless integration consisting of WordPress and also the non-existence WordPress editor. Merely construct a landing web page and appoint that in conformity with an affiliate. Easy!

No section link called for!

Some human beings are incredibly proficient at identifying an affiliate web link. They postpone on the link or show up at the LINK in the web browser acceptability bar. This is better typical than ye assume; people like to understand where so link is taking them! Some branch hyperlinks be able seem to be “questionable” then are stuffed consisting of long question strings after that random characters. Various other human beings truly don’t sort of clicking concerning part hyperlinks in any way, comprehending so any person is operable in consistency with acquire a compensation condition he identify in accordance with acquisition.
When a robust client selects no more to click an part web link, it potential a disregarded sale possibility because of you. Why take the opportunity?
By the use of Associate Landing Pages, even is no associate web link in between sight. Possible clients are better perhaps in accordance with click on the hyperlink yet acquisition next to thy site.

How does Affiliate Landing Pages work?

Affiliate Landing Pages approves ye in imitation of provide anyone websites yet publish in accordance with an affiliate. This is dedicated by way of a present metabox called Affiliate Touchdown Pages:
As soon as the landing web page is assigned according to an affiliate, the team may since advertise the touchdown web page’s LINK without wanting based on use their area link.
When a dynamic patron clicks the web link and also gets here on the landing page, the associate’s ID is kept within a cookie. If the customer acquisitions, the team whoever referred them intent acquire a commission. This factory specifically like typical monitoring in between AffiliateWP.


For the comparable examples, allow’s synthetic for a second as much as expectation thine site is as well as thou bear a group called Sasha.

Instance 1: Guest blogging

Sasha creates a visitor blog post for thy web site labelled “5 approaches it make pleasure boost thine life”.
Naturally, WordPress develops a greater effective slug based concerning the release qualify (keep in mind the missing words). The URL concerning the put up is:
Next we’ll supply the message in replica of Sasha by the Affiliate Touchdown Pages metabox:
Sasha carry out in modern times civilize the LINK throughout associative media, email, focused ad campaigns, sites … someplace he desires, all except wanting according to utilizes her arm link!

Instance 2: Brand name ambassador web pages

Sasha is a company ambassador for thy site. You gender an immediate websites because her titled “Sasha”:.
Sasha execute currently advertise the LINK of
Example 3: One part particularly a distinct group because your item.
You would possibly identify as Sasha have to stand a special area as a result of thine latter product. You circulate an instantaneous web page titled “My Amazing Product” (change together with genuine remarkable production name) or relinquish it according to her:.
Sasha do finally honor the URL of

Instance 4: Several affiliates so phenomenal partners because your item.

You may establish a lot more than one affiliates need to each hold theirs very own devoted touchdown page for the my-awesome-product item. Given that you be able entirely turn over every page to one associate, ye would result in (and designate) a kid page for eachaffiliate.
Sasha do in modern times increase a LINK of
The examples over are simply several of the approaches ye may utilizes Associate Landing Pages. Since it integrates flawlessly with WordPress, you can make you goal pages the roadway you’re almost accustomed to, whether or not it’s via you theme’s default website templates as well as page building contractor. Add the affiliate’s name, photo, smart device number, the desire is your own!

Key functions.

Easily consign anybody goal web page according to an associate: Search due to the fact that partners with username, renown yet e mail address. Partial searches perform additionally continue to be utilized.
Designate greater than one landing pages in consistency with an affiliate: Affiliates can have additional than one goal page appointed to them.
Show touchdown pages after associates: Affiliates carry out recommend every touchdown pages designated in accordance with to them out of the Affiliate URLs tab of the Affiliate Location. You may furthermore display touchdown web pages after the area making use of the [affiliate_landing_pages] shortcode.
Design you goal web pages as like you’re ancient to: Affiliate Touchdown Pages perfectly integrates along with WordPress hence ye may utilize the devices you’re most familiar along with after construct you landing web pages.
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