AffiliateWP Custom Affiliate Slugs Version : 1.2


AffiliateWP gives several associate URL variants that your associates can make use of simultaneously. Custom Affiliate Slugs takes this set action further, enabling associates to create their very own customized “slug”. A slug is the piece of the referral LINK where there would generally be the associate’s username or ID.
  • Product Version : 1.2
  • Product Last Updated : NOV 09, 2021

AffiliateWP – Custom Affiliate Slugs

AffiliateWP affords deep various affiliate URLvariations that your partners can uses all at once.
Custom Affiliate Slugs takes it one quadrant further, permitting associates after stem their extremely own custom “slug”. A slug is the component over the referral LINK where also would typically lie the affiliate’s username as well as ID.

Utilizing Personalized Affiliate Slugs as a lot a website admin

Site admins carry out permit customized slugs because entire associates, or simply some. An affiliate’s personalized slug can in addition be altered yet removed out of the “Edit Associate” admin web page. When including an existing associate, the customized slug do keep additionally set. When exporting a listing on thy affiliates, a contemporary “customized slug” stagnation choice show every affiliate’s sophisticated personalized slug.
If thine Default Reference Layout is set in conformity with ID after that Username ye might enable the Program Custom Slug alternative among Custom Affiliate Slug’s setups, or the associate’s personalized slug (if they have one) option be shown pertaining to the Affiliate URLs score of the Associate Area alongside the affiliate’s ID after that username so he be able nonetheless utilize theirs ID or username.
When you installation or trigger off Custom-made Affiliate Slugs, a brand-new Custom-made Affiliate Slug alternative satisfaction also show up amongst the Default Referral Style choose menu in the Affiliates → Settings → General tab. This permits ye to show an branch their referral URL including their customized slug, as an alternative than the ID yet username. The branch intent in addition be able to result in a recommendation LINK making use of the LINK designer along theirs personalized slug (their ID yet username enjoyment not exist visible).

Add-on functions

Allow whole associates based on beget their personal customized slugs currently logged into the Associate Location
Allow just assured associates according to circulate theirs extremely own custom slugs
Instantly create custom-made slugs due to immediate affiliates whosoever register
Establish a maximum variety worrying personalities due to the fact that auto-created customized slugs
Generate alphanumeric then alphabetic auto-created personalized slugs
Modify an associate’s existing personalized slug in the Associate executed display, or lift such totally
Establish a tailored slug after that by hand including a current associate
Use including incredibly or non-pretty branch referral Links
No replicate slugs– no pair associates choice have the similar slug
Customized slugs be able remain altered at any type of period– when particular is transformed, it is released upon since poor associates to absorb if that attempt to change theirs
Verification required when changing a slug– the personalized slug dreams according to be gone into two times as to guarantee if the group wishes according to alternate it
Utilize the part campaign feature along with tailored slugs
Offer you associates added tracking on the URLs they piece along their target market along with the Custom Affiliate Slugs add-on!

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