Article Forge Review: Does This AI Content Generator Work?

This Article Forge review will help determine if it generates good content for your company and if it is worth your time.

It is essential to write content in order to grow your business. However, it can also be quite difficult. It is not only time-consuming but also difficult. Writing is a skill.

Simply enter your target keyword and the tool will do the rest. This sounds almost too good to be true. Every content creator has concerns about article quality, grammar and plagiarism.

This article will review this tool in detail and tell you if it’s worth the effort.

What is Article Forge?

Article Forge is an AI Content Generator. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze millions of pages related to a topic and then rewrites them in its own language.

Article Forge has many great features.

In minutes, you can create articles

SEO Optimized Articles (According To Them)

Images, videos, and links can all be added automatically to your content

Integrations with other platforms, such as WordPress, and access to APIs

Post Scheduler allows you to publish automatically posts at a specific time

WordAI enables AI Rewriting

Content generation in other languages

Article Forge gives you control over many other aspects, such as your length, topic and sub-headings.


After signing up for the free trial you will be presented with this screen:

To access the tool, you will need to either enter your credit card information or pay with PayPal.

You will now be on your dashboard.

Create New Posts

You can click the “New Article” button from your dashboard. Next, enter your keyword and choose a language from English, Dutch French, German French, Italian Portuguese, Spanish, or Spanish.

You can also type in related keywords.

You have several customization options. The article length is the first thing you should consider. Unfortunately, this is limited to 750 words. You can also add images, videos and links.

Article Forge can also be integrated with Word AI to create better sentences.

Test Article Forge

Let’s now move on to real-world Article Forge tests. For the first test, I asked for a query about SEO tools, subkeywords to SEO marketing’ and link building’. The length was 750 words. Images and titles were also requested.

It took me about four minutes to get the article. Here is the final result:

Instead of the 750 words I had intended, the article ran 662 words.

It isn’t very high quality. It is at best okay. It is very inconsistent and not of high quality. The article is full of fluff. The image is also completely out of place.

Grammarly picked up 16 errors in the article, which is a good thing. I was also very pleased with the fact that most of the tools I used had less than 3% plagiarism.

We offer additional features such as the ability to export your article in different formats, like PDF, TXT or HTML. The app can also post automatically to your WordPress (Self-hosted).

Here are the details for the second test:

Keyword: Article forge Review

Sub-Keywords are article forge and ai content author

Article length: 500 words

Add titles, images, and videos

Article Forge delivered this time. This article was 611 words instead of 500, and it was very well written. Here’s how it looked:

Although some things weren’t quite right or natural, it was an overall good article.

Grammarly also showed 17 errors this time, and the plagiarism rate was 0%. This is quite amazing!

My conclusion is that content quality is not always consistent. Sometimes you might find a great article, but other times it can be pretty awful.

WordPress Integration Test

Their WordPress integration is a great way to save time if you use the tool often. First, however, you will need to create a WordPress blog.

These options will be presented to you after clicking the ‘Publish To WordPress’ button.

Select your blog to choose from different article profiles such as draft, published, or pending review. You can also add WordPress tags or categories.

After setting up the settings, I went to my WordPress blog and found the article within seconds. The best thing about the transfer was the fact that it didn’t require any extra code.

Easy To Use

After using Article Forge extensively for this review, I think the interface is very polished. It is modern and easy to use. It has everything you need, so there is no need to go searching for it. The app doesn’t require any special learning.

Customer Support

Customer support is not the best. A small help center provides information on common issues, but email support is not available. The whole process is slower because there is no live chat.

Pricing and Value for Money

Article forge provides a free 5-day trial. There is also a paid tier that gives you all the features at $27/month (if paid annually) and $57/month (if paid monthly).

Its pricing is comparable to other AI tools such as AI-Writer Jarvis and Writesonic, which cost between $30 and $100 per month.

It’s an excellent deal considering the cost and the quality of the content produced. Even though the work quality is not always perfect, it is still a great deal.

This is a great tool for creating short articles on a variety of topics.

Article Forge Review: The Bottom Line

I would answer “Yes” and “No.” Article Forge is an excellent tool if you are looking for short articles for your website and are willing to edit them. It all depends on your priorities. Do you want to create tons of content quickly?

Article Forge is not for you if you want long-form articles that are human-like in quality. The articles feel ‘fluffy’ and are very random in quality.

This was the end of my review. I hope this review has helped you decide whether Article Forge is right for you.


It is very easy to generate articles quickly

Images and videos can be included

You can publish directly to your WordPress blog

7 different languages supported


Quality is pretty random

Maximum limit: 750 words

Content generated out of context