Cool Timeline Pro – WordPress Timeline Plugin Version : 4.2

Cool Timeline Pro – WordPress Timeline Plugin

Cool Timeline Pro, a WordPress plugin that showcases your life and company’s history in a genial straight or vertical chronological order. It is based on the 12 months or persimmon over thine articles. This plugin is compatible with the Create a Timeline theme. This plugin makes it possible to create a timeline for your blog posts.

  • Product Version : 4.1.2
  • Last Updated: APR 12, 2022
  • Not activated Use the License Key “B5E0B5F8DD8689E6ACA49DD6E6E1A930” and your email ID to Activate.

Use images, videos and slideshows to create a story timeline.

Your stories can be characterized within a timeline by placing images, videos and slide-shows. Then, you can color your graphs or create custom graphs according to your theme. This timeline plugin can be used anywhere with a simple short-code.

Cool Timeline Pro plugin has been aged according to create

  • Cool Horizontal and Vertical Timelines
  • Awesome Company Timeline
  • Blog Posts Timeline
  • Step Tutorial Timeline with the help of Step
  • Program History
  • Your company story
  • Event Timeline
  • Timeline/Life Stories
  • Life Achievements
  • Personal Timeline
  • Timeline of Author Biography
  • Timeline for product updates
  • Timeline of Company History
  • Timeline for Content
  • Startup Storyline

We are delighted to present you a cool model of Cool Timeline Pro with superior applications – BC/AD year support, assimilate customized textual content as an alternative concerning date, 3 instant designs Facebook timeline, visible creator support etc. It’s now easier to create a high-quality timeline using brand-new short-codes and placing options.

The new version includes many recent features for timeline layout.

  • One-click plugin replacement beyond the plugins piece (Automatic Updates).
  • Introducted Ajax burden more function between vertical timelines.
  • Vertically based Fitler in Integrated Category.
  • Potential for additional potential with the rapid update system of custom-based timelines into each stories section.
  • You can create a compact timeline without adding space between stories
  • Beautiful Static Footer Navigation for Vertical Timeline
  • Use Years Prior to 0 (BC/AD Support).
  • Use a custom label instead of date/years
  • Visual Composer support/ Addon
  • Social Timeline (Facebook Timeline)
  • 3 new designs (Flat-Elegant, Classic Design)
  • Make Category-Specific Blog Posts / Content Timeline
  • Simpler & Improved Shortcode Generator
  • Beautiful New Animation Effects

Cool applications for Cool Timeline Pro

  • Convert Your Blog between Timeline
  • Create Horizontal Timeline
  • Step by Step Tutorial Timeline
  • Cool icons to your Timeline
  • With any post-type, create a timeline
  • Multiple Timeline Stories – You can create infinite timeline memories on your WordPress website.
  • Timeline Scrolling Navigation: Quickly and effortlessly navigate your timeline with stunning scrolling navigation.
  • Historical Dates – Accept any year in imitation (also before zero – BC/AD).
  • Stories Content Format – Add unique content type such as Video, Slideshow, or Image to your story.
  • Stories Category Management – Add stories to a unique category.
  • Advanced Style Options – Customize your style with your own colors and styles
  • Animation effects? Excitation results can be added to the timeline scroll.
  • Stories Images into popup ? Display stories photos in popup.
  • Stories Images Slideshow – Add snap shots slideshow to stories.
  • Mobile Compatibility View
  • Shortcodes are used
  • Installation is easy Purchase, download the zip and examine the docs
  • Compatibility includes all fundamental browsers, even IE? Compatible beyond IE9 in accordance with IE11 Chrome Safari Firefox


  • Layout of Single-Sided Timeline
  • Multiple Colour Skins: Dark, Light, MultiColour Timeline
  • Stories Pagination Feature
  • Creative Animation Effects
  • You can create multiple timelines with different colour skins
  • Adjust Stories Order (ASC/DESC), Using Shortcode
  • Add Time to Stories
  • Select Any Historical Year (beginning from Year 1000)
  • Shortcode allows you to create multiple timelines
  • Slidershow, Video and Images can be added to your Timeline
  • Use Category Option to Manage Stories
  • Scrolling Navigation Addition to Sidebar

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