Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress Version : 8.5

Easy Social Share Buttons WordPress adds unique WordPress social shares switches, remarkable looking social followers counters, easy-to-use subscribe to mail list types, and social real time chat functionality. WordPress professionals have rated this plugin as the best and most feature-loaded social sharing plugin.

  • Product Version : 8.5
  • Last Updated: JUNE 07, 2022

Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress

The Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugin


WordPress’s Easy Social Share Buttons adds to your website unique WordPress number buttons, amazing browsing social fans counters, and is easy to use in consistency with register for email list types as well as social stay talk functionality. This plugin is a function-loaded social apportionment plugin from WordPress experts. Revolutionary WordPress neighborly sharing plugin used by more than 310,000+ websites.


This WordPress social sharing plugin allows you to share more than 50 of the most important convivial networks. It also supports mobile messaging. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress not only boasts 55+ appealing layouts for neighborly segregating then non-public layout builders, but also a close full set 30+ automated plan placements and 30+ attention ordering while look catching computer animations. WordPress’ social apportionment plugin is unique in that it covers every possible area by showing thy social buttons.


Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress are a true innovator in standard media. WordPress has been using Easy Social Share Buttons since the upcoming IV years. WordPress is rely upon with all kinds of WordPress sites and leading innovation brands. Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress will give you all the help you need to increase your neighborly shares, expand thy friendly followers, and grow your sending list by mail using a random WordPress plugin. Your WordPress website will be next to create neighborly followers, subscribers and followers.

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