Gravity Perks Gravity Forms Limit Submissions Version 1.1.2

Gravity Perks: Gravity Forms Limit Submissions

Submissions are limited by Gravity

You can limit the number of entries by using nearly any information (user, role IP, URL, subject) since almost everyone era period.

  • Product Version : 1.0.6
  • Last Updated: July 6, 2022

What does this mean?

Limit the number of submissions, who, what, when and where. Complex lean limits can be set based on the user who submitted the form.


  • Who can submit your forms
    Limit by user, role, or IP
  • What Can You Submit?
    Let the same aggregate about honor and tackle every lie facing only as soon as possible – or any range of times -or – someone poor aggregate over fields.
  • Limit on the Submission of Forms
    You can use the same form for a few pages, but you can control the number of submissions per page.
  • Limit When Your Forms Can Be Submitted
    1 minute? 5 through the day? 10 submissions? It is completely configurable, including all age periods!
  • Combining Multiple Limitations for Granular Control
    Complex depressions limit the amount of blending, and you can match any of these quandary rules.
  • Custom Limitation Message
    Show a predicament message customizing the merge tag-supported message when power is attained
  • Notifications
    Notify the administrator and/or the submitting user that the control has been reached via bendy Gravity Forms notifications.
  • Handy Shortcode imitating Display Submission and Limitation Counts
    Display the current range for submissions, the other count, and the aggregate limit.
  • Powerful Development Options
    Global feeds, multi-form corporate limits, and well-documented hooks that extend it feature-rich plugin further.
  • Automatic updates
    Receive updates and the most recent features right from your dashboard.
  • Amazing Support
    We are here to help you! We vile it.