Gravity Perks Gravity Forms Preview Submission Version : 1.3.10

Gravity Forms Preview Submission

Submission of Gravity Forms

What is it used for?

The Preview Submission perk allows you to gather a lean preview of your forms in conformity. The preview allows users to determine if the submitted data is correct or confirms their submission by stooping.

  • Product Version : 1.3.10
  • Product Last Modified : FEB 17, 2022

What is the secret to it?

The Simple Version

This perk allows you to use entire entry-based merge tag because of the “Content” setting for HTML fields. This allows you to summarize all statistics that have been entered, or serves as a preview of the submission. You can also use the all_fields option to show all data.

The Advanced Version

This perk provides assistance for all field-based submerse tags to “Default Value” discipline putting (and the “Content” setting due to HTML fields). This perk is compatible with providing the possibility after previewing the entire submission. It can also be chronic based on populate information regarding past pages of the form in accordance to current pages.

How do I make this function slave?

Create a Submission Preview

  1. You can add an HTML discipline to your form (under the “Standard Fields” discipline group on the right) according the last page. You can create a “Page Break” field if you don’t want to function on certain pages of your form.
  2. After editing the field settings, select that HTML field.
  3. Locate the “Content setting.” A short icon will be located next to the “Content” textarea. To insert sink tags into that field, click it and then conform to the rules.
  4. Choose the “All Submitted Fields” option.
  5. You can save this form.

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