Oxy Toolbox Version : 1.5.6

It is Oxy Toolbox is not nulled. It’s GPLis the ultimate set of tools to build using Oxygen. This version is not just going to assist you with problems but will also offer an extra layer of protection against security issues and vulnerabilities.Oxy Toolbox includes a variety of helpful and time-saving features for users of the Oxygen builder.

Each option and module can be turned off and on individually. This module allows you to transfer or copy the styles that are associated with ID or a class from any element into a new class.

  • Product Version : 1.5.6
  • Product Last Updated: MAY 28, 2022
  • Note: The product is activated. Use the License Key “B5E0B5F8DD8689E6ACA49DD6E6E1A930” to Activate.

Oxy Toolbox Features

  • Class Act
  • Classes are cleaner
  • Text Edit
  • Conditions
  • Revisions
  • Return To Top
  • Reading Progress Bar
  • Table of Contents
  • Editor Tweaks
  • Navigator
  • Code Completion
  • The Rank Math Integration
  • Yoast Integration
  • Essentials
  • Image Width and Size Attributes
  • Offline Mode
  • All Templates Button
  • Remove Themes and the Theme Editor from the Admin Menu
  • Scripts
  • Gutenberg
  • Move Oxygen Admin Menu Up
  • Create a new tab to open external links.

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Download Excerpt From Download: Oxy Toolbox adds several time-saving and useful features to Oxygen. Oxygen builder. Each option and module can be turned on and off separately. Current Modules Class Act module allows you to copy or move style elements associated with ID or a class from any element to create a brand new type of class ….

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Oxy Toolbox adds several time-saving and useful functions for users of the Oxygen builder. Each option and module can be turned on and off separately.


  • Remove all styles from ID to a class. the ones that are attached to pseudo-classes such as hover and pseudo-elements such as the following:: before and after.
  • Copy classes to make variations. Ex. btn-bluebtn-red.
  • Reset all styles for the class/id.
  • Rename classes across the website across all pages/templates, templates etc. Without manually removing the class, and then adding the class again and adding all properties.
  • Search for and remove all classes that are inactive on the site i.e. classes that haven’t been assigned to any element.
  • It allows you to manage the amount of revisions you can make within Oxygen.

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If you’re a novice or an expert Oxygen developer, Free Download Oxy Toolbox Crack This GPLis an integral plugin which brings a variety of time-saving functions to the free Version of Oxygen. It will help you save precious time when you’re developing your site.


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