PDF Embed WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin Version: 1.1.1

Embed a PDF file from your Media Library or elsewhere via the oEmbed method or to the an object tag, or Google Doc Viewer as fallback. The URL must be a globally accessible hyperlink.

  • Product Version: 1.1.1
  • The last time the product was updated: DEC 28, 2020

WordPress PDF Embed plugin developed by Elfsight is the best tool to allow you to embed numerous PDF files to the pages of your website. It’s simple to upload your file or add it via URL or select it from the most recent uploaded files. You can choose to display the file in full view or simply icons. Our widget supports a variety of PDF icons, as well as and the option to paint elements on the interface, and to choose the size of font, and to modify the widget’s header. Show the certificates you have earned, your technical documents guides, guides and more quickly!

the WP PDF Embed plugin can be all you require

  • If you want to include PDF files on your site, then you must add PDF files to
  • If you’d like to allow visitors to view your files directly on your page, and then download them, you can do this.
  • If you’d like to create an icon grid for your files, you can do so.
  • If you’re not looking to write code or invest lots of time

Utilize all the advantages from PDF Embed in WordPress

Quicker file for adding

Reduce the time spent adding all essential documents on your website. Upload your PDF file without code in a matter of seconds.

More information on products

Distribute technical documents, specifications or guides to let your customers gain a better understanding the product.

User engagement is increased

Add variety to your website’s by adding different types of documents. It will also increase the level of engagement of your visitors.

The most important features

  • Embed PDF files into your website for viewing and downloading
  • You can upload unlimited files
  • Duplicate, copy, delete and reorder your files
  • Embed the embed code by uploading, via URL, or by selecting the file that was recently uploaded
  • Edit the widget’s title
  • The font size is set for the widget’s title
  • Option to type in the file’s name in order to display it.
  • Three layouts were available: File Viewer Grid and List
  • File Viewer layout for viewing the layout of files.
  • Scroll, pagination, and zoom are is supported in the File Viewer layout
  • Option to display or download the file’s label
  • The option to edit the Label download
  • Layouts Grid and List can show icons of files and file names
  • Icon for a switchable file
  • Option to paint icon for file
  • The widget’s width can be set in percentage or pixels.
  • Six elements can be painted as part of the interface
  • The option to select the the font size of the title of the widget, the file name and Download label

You may be wondering what the reason is Elfsight PDF plugin is so great?

  • The simplest and most efficient installation that doesn’t require any code
  • An intuitive and responsive editor to allow the most rapid customizing
  • The most engaging and heartfelt method to showcase your team

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