Agent Banie – HTML5 Action Platformer Game





Agent Banie is a fast action platformer arcade game. When Banie was doing a secret job for an investigation on planet Mars, something unexpected happened. Please help this funny secret agent journey back to the earth. But it’s not that easy, a lot of ferocious monsters are ready to thwart his plans back to earth.

Game Features

  • 12 Challenging Levels
  • 4 Graphic FX modes:
    – Normal Mode
    – Glow FX
    – Retro CGA style mode
    – Performance Mode for mobile device
  • Player Statistics.
  • 8 Bit music and sound effects.
  • Retro-style action platformer game.
  • Random color theme for menu screen and all levels.
  • ready for export to mobile native platform.
  • Drag and drop control buttons for mobile devices with auto save and load.
  • Control Center config variables, modified all the game variables on one place.
  • Native Construct 2 plugin and behaviors without any thrid party plugin and behaviors.
  • One capx for export to the all device platform, this can save your time because only need work / modified this game one time.
  • Gamepad supported for player movement (based on Construct 2 gamepad plugin only supported gamepad typre like XBOX gamepad controller layout).

Player Keyboard Control

Movement: Arrow Left and Arrow Right
Jump: Arrow Up
Shoot: C
Dash: X
Special Attack: Z

Player Gamepad Control

Movement: Left and Right button
Jump: X
Shoot: A
Dash: B
Special Attack: Y

Do not forget to click “Remove Frame” and play in full screen mode for best gameplay experiance.

Watch video live preview for all levels preview and game features.
You need Construct 2 v.245 with personal license to modified this game.