Angular Route Generator




Route Generator is a A to B Route Planner tool written in Pure Angular 2 with Firebase as Database and Google Map Ver. 3 API. it have very advance features like Auto Location Detection, Add Multiple Waypoints, Get Shortest Route, Convert Miles to KM and vise versa, Responsiveness, Shareable Link Generator, Change Google Map Language and get proper Route Directions in details via Google API, the major thing is to make the share link available and storing data to firebase. This tool can be easily attached to any existing Projects.

Software needed to compile the source are below :
1) Node.js ( you can download Node.js as per your OS from this url : )

2) NPM & angular CLI (You can install Angular with npm with this command : npm install -g @angular/cli)

if you need more details on angular you can view this page : for documentations.

Or you can contact us to provide your complied version after you purchase for FREE.