Calculator Vault – Hidden Photo & Video ( android 10 )




Calculator Vault – Hidden Photo & Video
Photos & Video vault calculator is a simple calculator, which includes a hidden gallery, contacts and notes.These functions are covered by calculator, and not visible at first. You should type a password to open these hidden functionality. You will write password directly in the calculator, so no one else will guess that there are other functions except for calculator.
App Features::
Image Vault: Hide your pictures easily from a gallery, album or photos.
The best vault app to hide your private photos. It looks like a standard calculator with all its functions, but have a secret space behind it. The files inside the Calculator Vault is protected with a password and completely hidden.

Video Vault: Hide your videos easily from a gallery, album or videos.
 File Vault:  Hide your any format files from built-in file explorer.
Set password : You can easily setup your password for this app

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