Carousel Ultimate – Advanced Carousel WordPress Plugin




Carousel Ultimate WordPress is a very effective WordPress Carousel plugin that allows you to make nice-looking Image carousels with responsive layouts and customizable styles. It is very easy to use and manage everything via the options page. Need some simple steps to create your Carousel.


  • Responsive Layout.
  • Clean Design and Code.
  • Support Multiple Column.
  • 11 Unique Slider Styles.
  • Unlimited Slider Anywhere.
  • Display Carousel By Category.
  • Order By (author, date, title, modified, random).
  • Order (ascending, descending).
  • Show/Hide Slider Images.
  • Slider Image height option.
  • Slider Image Size Option (Default or Custom).
  • Show/Hide Slider Caption.
  • Slider Caption Background color.
  • Slider Caption Text color.
  • Slider Caption Font Size.
  • Slider Caption Text Alignment.
  • Show/Hide Slider Permalink.
  • Show/Hide Slider Lightbox.
  • Slider Overlay color option.
  • Slider Overlay Opacity option.
  • Slider Icon background color.
  • Slider Icon color option.
  • Slider Icon Style ( Squre and Round ).

Slider Options

  • Slider Autoplay Option.
  • Slider Delay Option.
  • Slider Stop Hover Option.
  • Autoplay Time Out (Sec).
  • Display Total Items.
  • Items Desktop.
  • Items Desktop Small.
  • Items Mobile.
  • Slider Loop.
  • Slider Margin.
  • Slider Navigation.
  • Slider Navigation Position.
  • Slider Navigation Color.
  • Slider Navigation Hover Color.
  • Slider Navigation Background Color.
  • Slider Navigation Hover Background Color.
  • Slider Pagination.
  • Slider Pagination Color.
  • Slider Pagination Background Color.
  • Slider Pagination Style.
  • Slider Pagination Position.