Domino Logic Test





It is a plug-in that deploys on your page one of the world’s most famous psychological testing, the test of domino or D48. This test is one of the most commonly used tests in the world.
This plug-in measures the visitor´s ability to conceptualize, and to apply its reasoning to new problems.

It allows to assess the ability of a person to:

  • To receive exactly the number of points in each set of tabs.
  • Discover the organizing principle of joint.
  • Solve by applying these principles, the amount of points you have to place in each of the halves of the domino’s in blank, to complement the design.

At the end displays the results according to the points scored. Also displays a panel where visitors will see the result of each puzzle.

Established range

  • Less than 7.5 points: Deficient
  • Less than 14 points: Below average
  • Less than 30 points: On average
  • Less than 36.5 points: Above average
  • More than or equal to 36.5 points: Superior