Drunk Pilot for Adobe AIR




Fly and avoid collision with balloons. Highscore and sound level automatically saved in Cookies of Local Shared Objects. The game is adapted for all screens resolutions.

The project was coded with ActionScript 3.0 in Adobe Animate. Purchased archive contains all source code, such as *.FLA and *.AS files to compile the project using Adobe AIR SDK.


  • AIR platform
  • Action Script 3.0
  • Optimized for tablets
  • Background music and sounds
  • Easy customization

How to Edit the Source

  • Install Adobe Animate
  • Download Adobe Air SDK and set path to it in Adobe Animate
  • Open main.fla file in Adobe Animate
  • Change graphics and code if you want
  • Find Air settings and setup all you need
  • Compile the source for Air platform into .apk file and run it on Android device


Background music: “Fresh Sparks” (Free music by PacDv.com)