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eBuilder – Real Estate online platfrom Mobile Application With Web Admin Panel

Samyotech new product – E builder mobile app for ios with admin panel. The first platform for real estate where users can Sella and Rent own property and also post a job for Real estate and home-related jobs.

Live Streaming feature of Property with Remotly Location.

This application includes a great revenue model for the administrators, simple and friendly user experience for the customers, and a great opportunity for various Real Estate Borkers to enrich their new or existing business.

Deliverables – If you purchase this application, we provide you the complete source code of mobile application along with admin panel

eBuilder Functionalities & Features – An Overview

Customer Can

  • User Authentication
  • Search for property
  • Search for Jobs
  • Create Jobs
  • Favourite property
  • Property Details
  • Live Streaming of Property
  • User profile
  • Post Jobs to Get Served
  • View & Compare Job Applications
  • Notifications
  • Support tickets
  • Privacy policy and FAQ
  • Signout

Admin Can

  • Dashboard
  • Add/View & Analyze Users
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Jobs & Bookings
  • Manage Properties
  • Package or User subscription model
  • Invoice History
  • Push Notifications
  • Manage Currency
  • Multi Language
  • APIs Keys
  • List of all webservices or APIs
  • List of all kind of emails
  • Manage FAQ from backend
  • Manage Privacy Policy from backend
  • Manage Coupon System
  • Manage Coupon System

Please Take a Tour Of Our App With This Credentials

App Installation Docs   http://phpstack-722834-2406707.cloudwaysapps.com/installation-docs/index.html

Admin Panel Login Details

Admin panel link: https://phpstack-722834-2406707.cloudwaysapps.com/admin/login

Username ‒ [email protected]

Password ‒ 123456

Customer App Login Details

Customer app link: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/ebuilder/id1532378090

Email Id ‒ [email protected]

Password ‒ 123456




Explore More Features of Admin Panel







What Will You Get

  • iOS[Swift] Source Code
  • Admin Panel Source Code
  • Installation Docs
  • Api Docs Of Postman

Source And Credit

I am happy to credit the below

  • Freepik
  • Jquery
  • Poppins
  • Bootstrap.com
  • Colorlib

If you have any questions please feel free to Email via my user page contact form here. Thank you!


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