EDD Advanced Permalinks




Only Post Name/Post Slug feature is available now! Example: https://example.com/post-name

Easy Digital Downloads Permalinks enables you to modify your existing Easy Digital Downloads store permalink structure for the single downloads post type, downloads archive, download_category, download_tag to your own preference.


  1. Customize your Easy Digital Downloads permalinks structure without any coding.
  2. Easily customize the permalink structure via admin panel found in Settings > Permalinks page.
  3. Able to change the following:
    1. Download base: download (post type)
      • Available Structures:
      • Post name Only https://example.com/post-name
      • Post name with prefix https://example.com/item/post-name
      • Post ID https://example.com/item/123
      • Post name and ID https://example.com/item/post-name/123
      • Category based https://example.com/item/%product-category%/%post-name%
      • Author based https://example.com/item/%author%/%post-name%
    2. Archive slug: downloads (archive)
    3. Category base: download_category (taxonomy)
    4. Tag base: download_tag (taxonomy)

Why you should use it?

You can change permalinks for Single post, Archive page, Category page, Tag page. You can also change the single type with some available structures:

Post name only: https://example.com/post-name

Post name: https://example.com/item/post-name

Post ID: https://example.com/item/123

Post name and ID: https://example.com/item/post-name/123

Category based: https://example.com/item/%product-category%/%post-name%

Author based: https://example.com/item/%author%/%post-name%

Need Support?

You will find a document inside the download package. There you learn how can you install and use the plugin. if you still need help you can contact me in the support section. Thanks

NB: The above links are demo purposes only.


09 February 2021

- Added Feature: Post Slug Only / Post Name Only
- Compatibility check with Latest WordPress Version 
- Compatibility check with Latest Easy Digital Downloads

18 January 21

- Compatibility check with Latest WordPress Version 
- Compatibility check with Latest Easy Digital Downloads

27 July 2020

- JS Minify for speed up purpose
- EDD tested up to: 2.9.23
- WordPress support 5.4.2

25 February 2020

- Initial release