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Live Preview Credentials
Intelle POS is a continuation of the much loved product Intelle Stock Manager. This version comes with a major component called “POS (point of sales). Ideal for supershops and any other shop around the globe using a point of sales service.

Intelle POS is a clean and powerful system to provide you everything you need to run your shop smoothly. Starting from a powerful inventory to even barcode printing.

Installation Video
Intelle Pos With Inventory System - 1

Intelle Pos Features
Intelle Pos Features
Intelle Pos Features
Intelle Pos Features

Intelle Pos Features
Intelle Pos With Inventory System - 2

Stable Release v3.0.0 [Update April 19, 2020]

Bug Fixes
Bulk Product Entry By Excel
Print Product Barcode By Purchase List
Due Report
Optimized Return Sale
Category-wise Expense Added
Quantity Adjustment For Damaged Items
Show Quantity Alert For Individual Product
UI Improvement