Knockdown Can – Admob | Unity | Firebase





Simple, easy and addictive knock down game. Throw the ball and knock down all the can. Have addictive outdoor place in this game.

It has many unique and interesting levels where you have to knock down all the cans and aiming skills to complete a level.

Awesome Features

  • Leaderboard
  • Admob (banner & interstitial )
  • Firebase Notification
  • Made by Unity3d
  • Full source code.

Knockdown Can - Admob | Unity | Firebase - 1

Features of the game

  • Multiple challenging levels
  • Beautiful outdoor 3D environment
  • Unlock new levels and open new locations
  • 80 addictive level
  • 8 Bonus Stage.
  • Ball Speed Slider
  • Anyone can play with a simple control.
    • How To Setup?

      * How to open project & build :

      How to open project & build

      * Setup Leaderbaord

      Setup Leaderbaord

      * Setup admob

      Setup Admob

      * setup firebase notification

      Setup firebase Notification

      Note : Have Include Game Documentation