NFTry – NFT Marketplace app | NFT buying selling App | UI Kit | Android, iOS Compatible





NFTry – NFT Marketplace app template (50+ Screens) 

NFTry is NFT based mobile app where you can check all available NFT/Artworks, Buy NFT, Sell NFT, Pay/Receive through paypal, Cryptocurrency and Market capitalization. Here are some of the prominent features of the app:

  • You have full access of whole trade happened with particular Artwork or NFT and you can access Traditional art and NFT art. 
  • Wallet integration, Cryptocurrency support, Connect Wallet to cryptocurrency. 
  • News, Article, Multiple currency support, Notifications 
  • Buy/Sell NFT and Artwork, Top NFT artists, Top NFT traditional artists, History, Settings (Profile, Currency, Notifications) 
  • Connect payments options like Bank, Credit/Debit cards, Cryptocurrency 
  • NFTry has NFT tracker where you can add an address and see all the NFTs belonging to that address in good looking UI

This app is developed using one of the leading cross platform technology Flutter which enables developers/buyers to write single code for Android and iOS platform. This template includes Android and IOS latest platform support.

Using this template you can save around 200+ Hours of work (Design + Development) and you can directly start integration of apis with this perfectly developed UI template. 

We keep updating our codes on regular intervals with latest practices being null safety of Flutter 3. If you are working on your client projects or you want to launch your own NFT based app, this template is perfect match for you. 

Detailed UI of the app


Complete app

If you are looking for a development team who can develop the complete project for you, you can reach us at our Whatsapp +91 635-446-5210


List of screens 

  • Splash screen
  • Login screen
  • Welcome screen
  • Register as Personal account screen
  • Register as Company account screen
  • Create profile screen
  • Home screen
  • Traditional art screen
  • NFT art screen
  • Top traditional artists screen
  • Top NFT artists screen
  • NFT view screen
  • No NFT screen
  • Full trading screen
  • My trading screen
  • Market view screen
  • Buy NFT screen
  • Sell NFT screen
  • Wallet screen
  • Recell Screen
  • Terms and Conditions screen
  • Cryptocurrency screen
  • Connect wallet screen
  • Make live auction screen
  • Connect debit/credit card screen
  • News screen
  • Article screen
  • User profile
  • Add payment method screen
  • Notification screen
  • Change password screen
  • Support center screen
  • About us screen
  • Request callback screen
  • List of currency screen
  • List of language screen
  • Setting screen


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