PhotoCalc: Maths Problem Solver | Full iOS Native Application




Stuck again with Math problems? With PhotoCalc, you can easily take a snap of the Math problem and within seconds get the result.

Easily snap the math problem and instantly get a solution.

You get a “Step by Step” Solution with an Explanation and even a graphical representation of the solution too, it solves your problem from wide range of topics from Algebra to Calculus.

Check your homework, get better grades and get a better understanding.

 Main Features : 

◦ Solve Maths problems

◦ Support textbook problems.

◦ Support handwritten problems.

◦ Step-by-Step Solution.

◦ Graphical Representation
We made the app very user-friendly!

InAppPurchase Added to Unlock App Features.

The app is written in Swift 5 using Xcode


Important Notes:

1] mathpix
2] wolframalpha

The app uses these two 3rd party API’s to bring you enhanced math solving capabilities.

The first being the scanning API which converts any equation into readable latex, giving you 1000 free requests to begin with then $0.0004 per request which can be covered by the in app purchase feature in the app. The second being the solving API which solves a countless number of math problems starting with 2000 free requests per month then $0.025 per request thereafter which can also be covered using the in app purchase feature

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Demo App :



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