Quick Sale Module – Shop Management Software – Stock and Invoice Management – Point Of Sale (POS)




What is your business? If you have a Market, Restaurant, Grocery, Super Market, Tekel Dealer etc. business, this project is for you.
You will be able to use the project immediately after purchase. We would like you to know that we checked all the deficiencies one by one in the project.
There are 2 layers in the project as BackOffice and FrontOffice.
Layer 1 is the layer that managers will use. (Product, Cash, Payment Types etc.)
Layer 2 is the layer that cashiers will use. You can sell on this layer. Or you can cancel the active sale and put it on hold.
Is this program suitable for a barcode reader? Yes, with the fully responsive design, all barcodes that are read in the barcode area are compared with the products, and if there are products, they are reflected on the sales screen.
With this program, you will not need to spend $ 1500 + for your customers or your own business. This program will meet all your needs.
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