Techno – Portfolio Management Panel




Techno - Portfolio Management Panel - 1
Techno is a portfolio management admin panel. Just install the script on your host and begin to create your portfolio.
You can control works, users, categories, media, etc.
Add / Edit / Delete, or whatever you want
There are two users permissions: Admin & Moderator.
Of course, the moderator has less control than the admin.
Also, you can manage media by uploading/deleting files easily.


Installation guide to set up your application & also to develop your own user interface by a set of functions Open Documentation


Admin User
Username: admin 
Password: adminadmin
Moderator User
Username: moderator
Password: moderator


You can visit the front-end user interface by clicking “Visit Site” in the panel or by this link Open the site

Change Log

We did the following:
- Fix some issues
- Add a feature of uploading files any during another process
- Build a simple file system including create folders, moving them, etc
- Make a notification alert for new emails
- Some changes in the front end of the script