Tropical Photo Frames & Photo Editor





Tropical Photo Frames

Tropical Photo Frames are the best way to decorate your photos in gorgeous beach views and create amazing photos.

Tropical Photo Frames include Famous beach frames like San Francisco, New York, London, Hong Kong are included in Beach Frames.

Tropical frame having many beautiful frames for summer beach photo. you make it a memorable photo by adding beautiful beach photo frames.


  1. HD and glittering graphics and a nice collection of frames.
  2. Easy to use and understand.
  3. Multimedia Sharing option.
  4. Edit Photo With Creative Sdk Tool Library.
  5. Set your new awesome Instagram pic as wallpaper.
  6. Save your framed photos on your SD card.
  7. Powerful Creative Photo Editor SDK Features

Enhance tool Provide:

  1. Hi-definition of photo.
  2. Illumination of photo.
  3. Colo Fix.

Different Types Of Photo Effects like:

  1. Clyde photo effect.
  2. Avenue Photo effect.
  3. Hash Photo effect.
  4. Arizona photo effect.
  5. Lucky photo effect.
  6. Dean photo effect.
  7. Keylime photo effect.
  8. Boardwalk photo effect.
  9. Sentosa photo effect.
  10. Sage photo effect.
  11. Metropolis photo effect.
  12. Cruz Photo Effects.

Different types of photo frame like :

  1. Pistol photo frame
  2. ivory photo frame
  3. punch photo frame.
  4. instant photo frame.
  5. studio photo frame.
  6. antique photo frame.
  7. splatter photo frame.
  8. splatter photo frame.
  9. grit photo frame.
  10. negative photo frame.
  11. stamp photo frame.
  12. museum photo frame.
  13. matte photo frame.
  • Choose Various types of Stickers and Emojis.
  • Select different types of overlays on photos like square, rectangle, pyramid, hexagonal and etc.
  • Also, Apply a Vignette to your photo.
  • Crop photo by square, custom,2:3,3:4,3:5 etc.
  • apply shapes focus.
  • change orientation on a photo by rotate and flip horizontally and vertically.
  • Apply lighting Like Brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows.
  • apply color effects like saturation, warmth, tint, fade.
  • Apply Sharpness on your creation.
  • Also apply splash effects like free color, smart color, and eraser.
  • draw freehand pan by different color.
  • add text on your photo by different color and text size.
  • Apply the Redeye effect on the photo.
  • apply whiten effect on the photo.
  • apply Blemish effect by the photo editor.
  • Also apply blur effect by photo editor

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