• Simple, yet Unique!
  • Convert your websites and web apps into native apps for iOS.
  • This app template supports all kinds of web apps/websites (including HTML, PHP, WordPress, Progressive Web Apps, HTML 5 Games, WiX, Jimdo and all of them)
  • WebApp comes with a 100% AppStore approval guarantee: Refund on Rejection
  • WebApp is an Xcode package which wraps your URL (or local HTML) into a real, native iOS app!
  • No coding, no more plugins needed. It simply works
  • Its perfect for a newbie and a programmer – both can benefit with this template as per their use
  • Salient Features:
    – Use latest plugins – WKWebView
    – Optimised for exceptional performance (up to 2x faster than UIWebView apps)
    – iOS App Template – no coding, no extra plugin required
    – 100% ready for iOS 13 & iPadOS 13 and Xcode 11
    – Universal App Design: Optimised for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
    – Just define your current web app address/URL (or your local HTML folder), and WebApp takes care of the rest!
    – Native Loading Spinner/iOS Activity Indicator while loading your web app
    – Display a Splash Screen until the first page was loaded completely
    – Native Offline Screen with “Try again” button if your app is offline
    – HTML 5 Audio supported
    – External URLs diversion enabled
    – Viewer for PDF, ePub, Wallet, Documents, and Music Files
    – Downloader for PDF, ePub, Wallet, Documents, and Music Files (using “Open with” dialog)
    – Image Saving API (save images directly to Photos app)
    – Print documents: Just link to a .pdf file and iOS will offer the AirPrint option
    – Native Sharing Dialog option
    – First time Run Dialog (e.g. “Welcome! Use can use this app to ….”)
    – AppStore Rating Dialog
    – Smart Performance Cache Mechanism
    – Push Notifications via OneSignal enabled
    – AdMob Ads can be activated
    – Define custom CSS classes (that will be injected into your web app code while loading in the app built with WebApp)
    – ContactUs options: email, website, info and share
    – Your app built with WebApp will save all cookies until they expire (this is defined by your server/your site)
    – All kinds of web apps/websites supported (including HTML, PHP, WordPress, Progressive Web Apps, etc. …)
    – Free support + free updates
    – Support – Reply within 24 hours
    …and much more!

  • Requirements:
    – You will need active Apple Membership;
    But don’t worry, if you don’t want to spend $99 every year for this membership, we will upload your app on our account for a minimal yearly fee. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us after buying the product.

– System running Mac OS 10.10 or higher
– Xcode 10 or higher
– Basic knowledge of running Xcode.
But don’t worry, if you don’t know anything about programming – we can help you upload your website with a little extra fee. Please get in touch with us after buying the product.

  • Instructions:
    – Detailed Help file is attached to the package. You can walk through the help file, and your app will be ready in no time + we are always there to help you!

  • So go ahead – Enjoy Programming without Coding :) ! **