Word Search Game with Admob




Deploy Word Search game on android, windows, mac os and linux using same project!


Word Search Game is a full android game that is ready to be published on the Play store and help you to generate real money via advertising. Word search game is already a popular game throughout the world hence has a higher chance to get more download compared to other games. Besides, you can easily translate the game into any language to target local market and get more user playing your game.


  • Unlimited play time with different random word combinations.
  • Three game modes (Normal, Time Attack & Scramble).
  • Three grid sizes (6×6, 8×8 & 10×10).
  • Multiple categories in Normal mode.
  • Colorful and simple word search puzzle.
  • Keep track your statistics.
  • Share your best time.
  • Leaderboard and achievement.
  • Admob banner + Interstitial
  • AppBrain Interstitial
  • Google Analytics for data collecting
  • Free word editor to help you customize the word list and category.
  • Also able to run on desktop.


The game is monetized via below in-app advertising:

  • Admob smart banners + interstitial
  • AppBrain start-up interstitial (revenue booster due to high eCPM)

Requirements & Reskin

The game was developed using Java, libGDX and Android Studio. Here are some steps for the re-skinning process:-

  1. Import the game into Android Studio.
  2. Replace all the images with your own graphics.
  3. Replace the Admob ids and rename the game package.
  4. Build a signed apk and your Word Search game is ready to be published.

Don’t worry, the details of setup and the re-skinning process can be found on the provided documentation.


You can try the game on actual android devices by downloading the demo apk file here.

Desktop application demo: Download Here


Added support for Android Studio.

Thank you!

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