Yoga Map – Customizing and Generation of Styles, Markers and other of Google Map Options.




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Yoga Map - Customizing And Generation Of Styles, Markers And Other Of Google Map Options. - 1

The Perfect Choice For Customizing Maps

Yoga Map is a symbiosis Google Maps + Yoga Customizer + Yoga jQuery Plugin. It allows you to quickly and easily place map on your site in the style of site design

Get ready for

  1. 35 unique styles
  2. 216 unique markers
  3. 216 unique clusters
  4. Constructor of styles AND PARAMETERS
  5. Custom ICON loader

Yoga Map Plugin is the perfect choice to simplify and accelerate the customization of your map

API key

For details on how to receive, activate, and use the API key


v.2.3.2 (06/03/2020) The position of the info window is fixed

v.2.3.2 (20/04/2018) Added import of options in customizer

v.2.3.1 (05/12/2017) Added exception for a single marker when use “fitMarkers”. If the marker is one, then the map will have zoom, set by the parameter: “zoom”

v.2.3.0 (05/12/2017) Added new method “fitMarkers”. Center/Set Zoom of Map to cover all visible Markers

v.2.2.0 (03/15/2017) Fix “SensorNotRequired” error, that appears after API update

v.2.1.0 (03/12/2017) Added “mapTypeId” parameter. See “Options” section in documentation

v.2.0.0 (10/18/2016) Google has begun to generate more one parent item in the map code.
Changes have been made in the style file for correctly map display