Za Grid Loading




Module gallery or portfolio let your joomla more elegant! The effect will show a colored element sliding in first and then sliding out again, revealing the image – the stylish grid loading effect. The colored background of an item slides in first and when it slides out again to the opposite side, the image is revealed. The color of the sliding element represents the image, i.e. it is colored in the dominant color of the picture. Nowadays we are seeing a lot of delicate designs with fine lines, lots of white space, clean typography and subtle effects. Fresh hover effect inspiration!

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New in version 2:

– – The ability to change the color (font and icons) of each element
– – Added another 12 fresh hover effects
– – Fixed minor bugs…



  • Joomla! 3.x Native
  • Browser Compatible: all modern browsers
  • Support all mobile and tablet devices
  • Category: portfolio, gallery
  • Supports linking images
  • 3 Animation Colored Effects
  • 27 fresh hover effect inspiration
  • Image zoom with lightbox effect
  • Thumbnails are generated automatically, so you don’t have to create them
  • Configure thumbnails width and height
  • Quality thumbnail (in %)
  • Links open in New Window or Same Window
  • Option to controls color font description and title
  • Option to controls color icons
  • Option to controls font and icons size
  • Add Unlimited Images into Gallery
  • Easy to add, move and remove images
  • The ability add a title and description image
  • You Сan add HTML code the description
  • The ability add a description image in lightbox
  • Select the image hover effect
  • And more…