Sensei Content Drip Version : 2.1.1

Sensei Content Drip adds-on to Sensei LMS plugin. This plugin allows you to set up your drip schedule based upon any day or interval following the program start date. You can also bypass the drip schedule manually. If a lesson is not available, you can customize the message shown to customers.

  • Product Version : 2.1.1
  • Product Last Modified :OCT 26, 2021

Sensei Content Drip.

Decide how quickly or slowly your newbies should advance through the course.

You do not specify that for every lesson in a course, amateurs will be in a position to obtain admission to the research study content. This is either a fixed heart later on the persimmons that start the course or regarding a specific day.

No matter what agenda you set, you have full control over your students’ education and learning pace.

Trick Functions

Your leak timetable is largely determined by a daily average and a day within the route’s beginning day.

To deliver freshmen, you can bypass the drip schedule by hand.

Notifications are sent to novices by email informing them of the days and times when they can expect any additional training.

After clients have been given guidance, tailor it to their needs.

This prevents consumers from purchasing programs, downloading and installing the entire material, then asking for refunds, despite the fact that they are receiving the complete instructions as a free download.

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