SUMO Reward Points Version : 28.0

SUMO Rewards Points is a WooCommerce Commitment Reward Detail System. It also includes the most extensive WooCommerce Details and Benefits Plugin. You can award your customers with Compensate points for product acquisition, composition evaluations, subscribe, recommendations, social promotion (Facebook share, Facebook tweet, Google+ sharing,, etc. Compensate Factors earned can be used to purchase future products. The flexibility of SUMO Rewards Factors allows you to offer benefit factors at all levels: Item Degree, Global Level and Classification Degree. SUMO Award Details is available for basic, easy subscription, and variable registration products. It supports fixed compensation factors for item acquisition, or compensate by a percentage of the product price. For the SUMO Reward Information Plugin plugin to work, coupon should be possible in WooCommerce.

  • Product Version : 28.0
  • Last Updated: July 3, 2022

You can easily convert Reward Points to Award Points and Redeem Reward Points. The Setups page can also embed Optimum Rewards Details in Cart. WPML compatibility for SUMO Rewards Points as well as translation ready.
Full Compensate Points Program
WooCommerce has an improved top
Factors that expire
Charity Nominees
SUMO Rewards Points can make your clients loyal
Reward Points for Items Purchase, Signups, Writing Reviews, References and Voucher Codes.
Compensate points can be used to evaluate item level, category degree and global level.
For social promo such as Facebook Like, Facebook Share, and Twitter Tweet, you can earn Compensate points.
Social Media (Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Share to Get Recommendation Links
Update SUMO Rewards Information Options at Item Level/Category degree for existing Product/Category.
Rewards Factors for Encasing
Purchasing Compensation Factors
Participants can send other members their Indicates
Member Degree Attribute.
Strictly Point Prices
Repayment Entrance for Award Things
You can redeem information on the Check Out Web Page.
Redeem points are not applicable to products/categories.
You can include products/categories in your cart and still retrieve them.
Refer a friend to encourage Recommendations
Present Vouchers with Rewards Points
Bulk Present Coupon Creation
Compensate Details for Settlement Gateways.
You can set the factor conversion price.
Minimum Details for First time compensatory.
Minimum Details Equilibrium for redeeming.
Minimum Cart Total amount to compensate.
It is possible to determine the optimal things for retrieving on cart.
Maximum Discount for Compensate Details Gateway.
Use the Cart Web Page to Hide the Coupon Form.
Shortcodes Supported.
CSV Import/Export Users and Awards Points
Restrict/Ban Users from Earning or Retrieving Factors By Customer Role/Individual members
Recommendation Awards should be used for members who are at least x days old.
Refer to Secret Username/User Id
SMS Notification using Twilio or Nexmo.
API assistance for programmers.
Considerable Modification Choices.
Translation ready
WPML, WPML string translation and WooCommerce Multilingual Compatibility are required for multi-language mails to work.
Compatible with WooCommerce Booking Plugin Version 1.4.2
Compatible with Dynamic Pricing Plugin
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