WooCommerce Availability Scheduler Version : 12.3

The Availability Scheduler in WooCommerce lets store owners to set up availability of their products on a certain date and time.

  • Product Version : 12.3
  • Product Last Updated: July 2, 2022

The WCAS lets you control the availability of your products and services, arranging them to be available throughout the week.
You’ll be able to pick for every weekend day (Monday through Sunday) only one time period when your products are available to customers who wish to purchase and will automatically hide or show your customers the “add to cart” button” (and additionally, products) on the shop and product pages. They will also display an individual message as well as a countdown timer.
In addition, daily availability of the product may be limited by the number of sales every day.


The plugin lets you manage the availability of your woocommerce products, scheduling it during each day of the week.
You’ll have the option to choose the date and time that your products will be accessible to your customers to purchase by automatically hiding or showing”add to cart” buttons “add to cart” button” on your shop products, category pages and categories and displaying a countdown timer.

When you turn on the Schedule Availability for any item it will exist on your WooCommerce store before the time of the start date, but customers won’t be able buy it due to it’s “Add-to-Cart” button is not available. It is possible to display a personalized message to your customer.


The Woocommerce Product Scheduler offers you the possibility of displaying countdown timers that let your customers know what time they have to wait to begin purchasing time, or to end buying time, or up to an expiration time and date.


The plugin allows you to define an expiration date for each product. The product will be removed and will not be available for purchase . The product may be kept as visible.

It also works also with WordPress Multisite installs (each blog within the network has its individual maintenance settings).

Scheduler of Availability for WooCommerceby HighAddons $49.00Billed annually Buy Now

 Scheduler of Availability for WooCommerceby HighAddons The Availability Scheduler in WooCommerce lets store owners to plan availability of products for a particular date and time.Availability Scheduler for WooCommerce allows merchants to schedule the availability of products for sale on their store. Schedule product sales based on days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Set a countdown timer visible to customers showing the sale start and end date. Display the timer on a single product page, shop page, or on archive pages.
The extension lets customers sign up for an email when a product is in stock. You can pick the time at the notification to customers about availability of the product. It is possible to notify customers the day prior or a week before the item becomes available. Customers are able to avail an offer on price for a short time and are not able to purchase when the sale expires.

Key Features

  • Plan availability of products for an exact date.
  • Allow customers to receive emails with information about availability of the product.
  • Automatically inform customers whenever the product is made accessible.
  • Individually, by categories, and at a global scale.
  • Inform customers via email once a week or a day prior to the date the product goes on sale.
  • The sales will increase when the scheduled items are in stock.
  • Show countdown timers on simple archive, product and shop pages.

Notified customers about available products via email

The extension lets users sign up on one page for a product to be alerted by email whenever products are available to purchase.

Countdown to determine availability of products timer

A countdown timer shows the dates for the availability of products. Timers can be set for a single page of a product on the shop page, as well as on archives pages.

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