WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options Version : 3.2.18

A store administrator may not want to sell his product online. Instead, he simply wants to show his product. Brochure Presence Options is the best choice in this situation. This extension not only removes cart performance but it also can change the add-to-haul or buy switch with any customized text. The plugin is very flexible and can be used to display your products.

  • Product Version : 3.2.18
  • Last Updated: APR 07, 2022

WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options

With the help of removing eCommerce performance, WooCommerce can be changed between an internet roll

Wait, what? Remove eCommerce performance? Although it might seem absurd, you can still use WooCommerce to display a chart of products that are not currently being trafficked online. This is because if you want to begin marketing, you will be able to work after that together with the button.

But development goes beyond that. You don’t have to take the entire keep offline. You also have the option to prevent clients from visiting your site.

You can also set up messages in duplicate of the fee/ set-up according to cart button elements, but you do not have to recover them.


Provides the ability to conform with camouflage costs or show costs only in imitation for verified customers.
Provides the ability to disable ecommerce capability through disabling the Cart.
Allows for element about alternative virtue contents, prices are now impaired and tested completely after users log in.
Allows Figure on deflect Add-to-Cart Web Content, currently ecommerce performance cannot be achieved and is only possible according to verified users.
Use Minimum Sticker price guidelines (MAP) to hide prices and imitate consent.