WooCommerce Order Status Control Version : 1.14.0

This extension will help you to manage instantly completed paid WooCommerce orders. When the customer completes his settlement for virtual-downloadable products the WooCommerce instantly finishes the orders list. But often various other products are not completed or shipped so this expansion will certainly assist you to obtain control over this. You can establish the item types that will certainly be auto-completed when an order is made.

  • Product Version : 1.14.0
  • Product Last Updated : FEB 15, 2021

WooCommerce Order Status ControlControl which P

aid WooCommerce Orders are Automatically Finished

WooCommerce mechanically completes orders because of virtual-downloadable items after that effective payment, but that will not autocomplete ignoble orders, specifically you might likewise need to smoke motions of when the technique is processed and finished. If ye market shippable items, thou potentially requirement in accordance with ship to them before ending up the order. If ye advertise electronic products as solutions, thou undoubtedly bear according to work some point within when the approach is paid after that finished.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the legislation because of all stores, then you could additionally not require after take anyone action in now an order is paid due to the fact that then finished. For instance, ye might furthermore need to auto-complete electronic orders, and also these along products to that amount aren’t digital as well as downloadable. Furthermore, you might furthermore not need someone orders based on mechanically finished whatsoever.

In this situation, you can use the WooCommerce Order Standing Control expansion to find enhanced control above now paid orders are automatically finished.

Auto-Complete settings

Want based on definitely avoid orders close to consistently finishing? You execute use it plugin in imitation of apprehension digital + downloadable orders close to present right based on “finished”.

Need in imitation of mechanically full additional orders than WooCommerce does by way of default? You carry out functionate that, as well. Generally, orders including lucrative cost are upgraded beside ‘pending’ in conformity with ‘handling’. When the technique is refined, ye have in accordance with manually total it. If thy shop takes a prevalent array on orders so much do not require employment while the order is processing, updating the rule credibility in imitation of full for every over these orders is a day dedication as much as assumption ye do instead simplify.

WooCommerce Order Standing Control may mechanically eye paid orders so ‘full’ as an alternative on ‘handling’, completing skipping the ‘processing’ status. All that takes is 1 min in replica of setup or ye by no means need to worry as regards changing method statuses due to the fact that paid orders once again.

Order Condition Auto-Completed

You perform routinely fulfilled paid orders to that amount entirely consist of virtual products, or you can choose in imitation of regularly entire every paid orders in your shop, regardless concerning such as type on manufacturing the approach has.

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