WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers Version : 3.9.17

It is easy to create PDF coupons for your customers. These PDF coupons can be customized to give discounts on specific items or entire shops. As an attachment, the coupons can be sent by email to customers. You can quickly download and edit PDF vouchers or even terminate them using an additional admin panel.
  • Product Version : 3.9.17
  • Product Last Modified : APR 14, 2022

WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers

Print Personalized PDF Coupons Due to In-Store Redemption

WooCommerce lets you hand over overseas label codes to your customers in imitation for cost savings on a purchase. These vouchers cannot be promoted to conserve credit history. However, these stamp codes can’t be extended to brick-and mortar shop areas to allow thy customers retrieve them due to credit as well. You can connect your online store to an offline service by using PDF Product Vouchers. These vouchers allow you to print gift certificates after maintaining old in person, online and at events.

WooCommerce PDF product vouchers are a rule for services that exceed expectations. Although they can be ordered online, but still provide a solid or solution in-person at the last day. You can keep coupons back by pre-paid approval depending on your transformation course, tickets in imitation of an occasion, gift certificates as in-store purchases or according to equip as much launch for an approximately existing now taking a journey in a retail area. Customers may also purchase item vouchers, but they might be personalized with a message.

You can personalize coupons with the data that customers provide while they buy, which allows you to give certificates back to your keep after that depending on whether or not it is a gift. Customers can even get free coupons online to purchase products in your shop.

How can PDF coupons make my life easier?

Downloadable PDF coupons that can be personalized and sold for products or solutions

You can also sell vouchers to maintain the retrieved items in your online store NEW

Use a “what you give is what you get” editor to create voucher layouts NEW

This background contains 6 non-appearance token backgrounds. After that, ye can upload your own

You can add many fields to your coupon. These include product name, SKU and expiry date.

Customers can choose from a variety of background photos to accumulate their choice voucher background pictures.

Permit clients are based on personalized vouchers with an optional recipient name/ a message

You can view a list of all created vouchers, and you can also inquire about coupon range in duplicate to locate a client’s voucher NEW

You can manage coupons from the coupon listing and take note of them when you need to.

Half redemptions, plus more than one redemption per voucher NEW

After bunker redemptions, mark a statement that is nullified

Allow clients to use purchaser email to automate sending vouchers to friends

You can manually include coupons for consumers.

Use the Name Your Cost extension to create printable gift certificates with adjustable amounts.

You can easily create coupon templates

A statement theme can be created, which will be devoted to the product and give birth to a PDF with the client’s details. These templates allow you to place the voucher, redact fonts and shades, as well as more.

Here’s an example of how to create a present token layout. It allows us to add item name and cost as well as beneficiary names. We can also include lousy fields based on the coupon.

This fields will generate a replica of the voucher PDF each time it is purchased.

Basic for Consumers Too

A voucher is a gift that a buyer purchases. They will need to know the details of your coupon. These fields are often displayed on the manufacturer web site. Customers might choose the historical past that is most appropriate for them if you’ve actually included alternative images.

Coupons can be purchased by consumers as add-ons to e-mails. Once the guideline is used for or a customer email has been established, the grantee will also be sent an e mail with the vouchers.

Customers who have registered with you will continue to be qualified regardless of how many vouchers they’ve purchased from your account. They also get emails that contain token add-ons.

Compensatory vouchers

You can let your consumers have coupons, gift cards and certificates. It’s possible to slave it! Customers can use coupons to make modern-day purchases if a statement allows for on-line redemptions.

Only allow salvation for absolute items Use a single-use voucher or consider that the statement can be used to redeem any product you define.

You want to only allow redemptions in person? This is possible, and it’s very easy! You can make manual redemptions, and you will be able to run them up from your admin.

Equipment Voucher Management

A coupon can be purchased, but it should not be removed from the “Vouchers” list after purchase. This will reveal the coupon number and testament history, as well as an odd value. It is possible to inquire using fields such as customer name, testament number, and recipient. This will allow you to quickly build up a delivery and lookup information for your voucher.

Checklist of Coupons Created

You can also make use of the quick actions to redeem or unused a coupon without having to indicate best information. This will allow you to quickly take care of coupons!

After redacting details, downloading and installing PDF documents, resending purchaser emails as well as regulating ignoble coupon details, you can discriminate a token. You can also redeem or cancel a coupon by using an familiar, “refund-like”, user interface. This is in imitation of lower value so that a customer can use a testimony directly into person.

Produced coupon

Multiple redemptions are possible. The voucher’s total cost can not be refunded. This ensures that your customers find the right oversea vouchers in your store.

Hand-in Coupons

You must imitate by hand a token so that you can gift it to a customer? It’s possible! Only one distinction is made: assumption token numbers purposely use the 8-character, random voucher number without an Order Quantity suffix. However, thou may hand collect coupon critical points or cause a PDF for thy client.

Support for Call Your Rate Extension

Do you need to promote a coupon that has a defined value but no stated value? PDF Item Coupons supports the use of the Name Your Rate expansion. This is because ye make it possible for customers join a price since they can be retrieved. A cost area can be included in your coupon to help you recognize the amount the customer has purchased.

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