WooCommerce Private Store Version : 1.7.1

You can make your online store using private Store with WooCommerce plug-in. The plugin requires users who are registered log in or sign up to view private products, categories for products tags, pages and categories. This is all possible using standard and custom WooCommerce logins and registration forms.

You are able to de-personalize your entire store or select only certain tags, categories, products or webpages. You can manually accept or disable the login requirements of certain users. Customers will be informed via email if their account is disabled or enabled.

  • Product Version : 1.7.1
  • Product Last Modified: Sep 09, 2021

The flexibility of WooCommerce is among its greatest advantages. With the aid of WooCommerce plugins, you are able to develop any kind of model for your business. A lot of businesses prefer to sell only to a specific group of customers, and want access to their stores only to those customers. There are a variety of plugins that can help you to achieve this through WooCommerce. WooCommerce community. The article below will review the most popular WooCommerce private-store plugins , and will explain how you can give restricted access to your customers.

Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store

It is among the most commonly used to build an individual member’s or shop area within the WooCommerce shop. The plugin comes with a range of settings that allow you to modify your store to suit your requirements. You can give guest users access to the site but not access to WooCommerce’s shopping sites.

You may also grant access to customers through the creation of an individual log-in website. Customers will have the option of logging into the site to access products or use an account with a username and password. This plugin will ensure that search engines do not have access to this private space. This plugin will permit you to ensure that only customers are able to access the items that you offer.

The most well-known WooCommerce Private strore extensions Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store plugin is very easy to make use of.


  • You can secure your online store by creating a protected zone that customers can access by logging in, using passwords or making use of user roles.
  • Protected areas will not be available to visitors.
  • Navigation menus and sidebars can be hidden as an alternative to the shop page.
  • Search engines won’t be able to locate the store hidden.
  • even for WordPress beginners, it’s simple to set up.

Private WooCommerce Store

This plugin is very simple and allows you to provide private access only to the customers you prefer. Visitors won’t be granted access to your private products. They’ll need to sign up to access the products. These settings can be applied worldwide to your website or to specific categories, pages tags, pages and categories.

store owners enjoy complete control over how registration process is managed using the plug-in. You can manually accept registration requests from the new user. You can disable login for specific individuals. You can also make use of the plugin to notify customers of any changes to their account features.

You can make your own store, which provides access to items only to customers who have registered.


  • Access to your store’s products by guests
  • You can limit access to tags, categories, and products to your store to guests customers.
  • Access is restricted to guests from certain countries
  • Notify users

WooCommerce Memberships

This plugin allows you to create a secure area which is only accessible to a select group of members. This plugin is a way to restrict access to certain areas of your site to only users. You can also link memberships to specific items in your store by through the plug-in. Store owners can also decide on their own and grant access to specific users.

The plugin is also able to distribute content. It is possible to set access to content to members based on your membership status. You can also create products that are only available to members of your store. Based on your particular needs, you can block specific products from the non-members. Also, you can let everyone view your items and restrict the access to purchase for members. It is also possible to set the access to your products according to membership levels similar to drip content.

WooCommerce Members are able to utilize this WooCommerce Members plugin in order to make special deals, like free shipping or discount on products.


  • It is possible to create memberships, and provide different levels of membership on your customer.
  • Associate Memberships are included when you purchase a product
  • Restriction of content and product access only to members
  • Create a catalogue of products that is accessible only for members.
  • Members are only eligible for special shipping discounts and discounts
  • Display the rights given to every member in the section for members.
  • You are able to easily contact your members through notes in email.
  • To be able to integrate into other programs, you’ll require important details about your membership.
  • To allow recurring payment and subscriptions plugin

ELEX Role Based Pricing Plugin

You can turn off eCommerce functions for certain customers by using the plugin. You can show custom HTML text as an alternative to the Add-to Cart button that customers click. It also allows you to hide the price of products and cart/checkout page pages from certain users. You can limit purchase options to users who are enrolled in certain user roles.

This plugin provides a complete solution for multi-tier pricing model dependent on the role of the user.

The plugin is also able to set discounts and prices in accordance with user roles. This plugin is perfect for wholesale shops which only permit registered customers to purchase at their stores. This plugin allows you to restrict access to certain customers and set pricing levels based on the customer segmentation.

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro, another plugin lets you control who is able to view and purchase items in your online store. You can create restrictions on access to products depending on membership level or the product’s category. It also lets you give discounts to specific members in your shop.

This is a fantastic choice in the WooCommerce’s private Store plugins that can enable you to grant access to content, as well as eCommerce products.

The plugin offers an easy-to-use dashboard to manage various membership levels and features for your account. Customers will be able to choose the level of membership they want to use to gain access to certain sections of your shop.


  • You can make membership levels that control who can access what level.
  • Integrations with a variety of payment gateways such as Stripe, Braintree and others.
  • Export member data into a CSV file.
  • Create discount codes.
  • Utilize emails to stay in touch with customers efficiently.
  • Numerous reporting options are available to monitor and comprehend the various metrics.

Barn2 WooCommerce Protected Categories

Secured Categories plugin lets you limit access to specific products to a specific group of customers. This is ideal if you are a wholesaler and have items. You can create a password-protected login for some users that will allow users to access only the items they’ve been given access to. This plugin is ideal for institutions and clubs who want to limit access to certain products.

This plugin lets you make certain users safe and allow them to utilize it.

The plugin permits users to select the level of restricted access you would like to give customers. You can choose to provide the option of a password or let access be determined by the user’s role. This will help you avoid the hassle of setting up a wholesale shop on your site. It is extremely user-friendly, and anyone with basic technical knowledge can to set it up in a short time.

WooCommerce Private Shop plugin is only available to registered users

This plugin is able to encourage users to sign up on your site. You can decide to make your website private or just select items. When customers sign up you can allow only restricted access in the section for specific customers. The plugin permits users to accept or deny registration requests on your own. It is possible to modify the default registration forms by using themes elements. You can also decide whether or not to make your site search engine user-friendly.

This plugin lets you to make an WooCommerce store with a private store, and can also alter the login form.


  • Convert your entire WooCommerce store to an online store that is private.
  • Registration for users is able to be approved either by hand or automatically.
  • Customers receive email notification
  • Add design elements to default WooCommerce login form.
  • Video embedding options.
  • Flexibility in present web pages to spiders.

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