WooCommerce Product Search Version: 4.7.0

Enhance your WooCommerce Product Search results page relevance and improve individual experience, consequently increases your sales. Based upon Ajax technology and present the search results immediately. It can search items in addition to groups. The application of the search box can be done via shortcode, widget or theme API. One of the very best extension to improve the capability of default WooCommerce search.
  • Product Version: 4.7.0
  • Product Last Updated: July 15, 2022

WooCommerce Product Search

Your finest Search Experience due to WooCommerce

The Faithful Search Engine due to the fact that you go shopping helps thine clients according to find yet buy the correct goods swiftly.
Your customers objective love you store as a result of this, because of the fact it makes obtaining according to the items those desire according to acquire much easier than ever before.

Live Browse

The Live Look Area permits clients to find goods as like he kind, alongside together with images, virtue stats and also he be able take in the manufacture at the same time in replica of the cart.
Kind, click on & purchase … it’s to that amount easy.

Live Filters

Our remain filters take ponderabil of appearing to day effects over the maintain web page whilst your consumers search using search phrase, price range, makes use of classifications, tags yet somebody product attributes according to slender under the results.

Experience Easy Shopping

With a no-fuzz automated configuration so incorporates efficiently together with preferred motifs, Store or child-themes included, thy clients pleasure have a really fascinating purchasing experience. Allow to them experience or practical such wants discover the appropriate element of your shop.

Look Statistics

Gain treasured insights about such as you website visitors are looking within thy shop. See real-time yet historical product ask carrying out then anticipate that in consistency with thine marketing initiatives.

Business Insights

Discover where thine customers are searching for, as he be able discover as well as where not. Our testimonials intention assistance ye according to reveal as product thy site visitors are keeping an eye out for or enhance your shop’s offering in accordance with forgather existing then trending needs.

Automated Integration

The Search Engine makes sure regarding giving the excellent ask repercussions over the front stop then returned end. Our advanced inquire algorithms combine effortlessly together with your store and also the management dashboard.

Browse Index

The Look Indexer choice mechanically index entire product into your shop or keep the totality as much as day because you. However thou include, adjust and price quote product and related aspects, ye don’t desire according to do something to hold you keep entirely indexed, products prepared based on remain discovered.

Aesthetically Intuitive Filters

An image says above a millenary expressions … gender a visually attractive enquire trip due to the fact that you clients! Include thumbnails matured along live manufacture filters for manufacture categories, tags as well as qualities. Filter by utilizing color, dimension, business … presenting the actual color, user-friendly symbols or logos.

Appropriate Search Results Page

Look Weights mostly based relating to keyword matches existing better relevant consequences in consistency with you customers. The importance concerning you store’s production search effects is substantially boosted, together with muscle controls that present Search Weights in conformity with WooCommerce.

Powerful Back-End Functions

This expansion is efficiently integrated along with thine WooCommerce keep yet WordPress Control panel.
From vital company insights furnished using its inquire reports, to optimized back-end item enquire outcomes powered using the expansion’s Internet search engine– this imperative device gives the entire great deal ye require in accordance with be into control.

Your tiny Assistant

The integrated Aide aids thou according to adjoin keep manufacture filter widgets in accordance with sidebars among an immediate. It reveals ye which filters are already current then recommends according to gather these to that amount aren’t. Just click on and individualize to them later salvo required.


Your consumers satisfaction enjoy the stay Item Browse Area a lot shows results whilst thou kind or allows you Collect objects without delay to the cart. It robotically replaces the worth manufacturing ask area if preferred, or such is additionally accessible as much a loss according to uses in sidebars.
Flexible live filters change thy keep web page as like the consumer kinds, suggests a value yet selects beside manufacture classifications, tags yet some item connects.


All online enquire features are reachable specifically WordPress shortcodes. Additionally in replica of these, we include facilities based on implement inquire outcomes worrying someone page. This also permits ye in imitation of sex specialized shop pages!


The development is taken a look at yet integrates together with lots concerning well-known topics or calls for no or extremely brief CSS modifications within virtually cases. To carry out matters very convenient because of you, we hold covered a quantity the location thou be able Collect your extremely own CSS guidelines. And also you’re usually welcome to crave due to our aid!


As together with the widgets then shortcodes, we give a very easy to uses API as offers thou get right of entry to in conformity with all inquire and also filtering system centers, consequently thou perform easily include them of themes.
The Live Search Field permits customers in imitation of uncover goods and purchase merchandise of an instant– Locate, Click & Acquire … it’s that simple.
Product Look Area– Search Engine Result– Information
A circumstances regarding the stay Product Browse Area of action. Search results page appear whilst the customer types.
WooCommerce Item Browse affords an useful enquire experience due to you customers along real-time Product Filters– perfect even because shops together with great deals of unpredictable merchandise or manufacture qualities.
A circumstances consisting of a remain Product Search Filter in activity. Your store web page updates instantly, showing relevant and also matching results, based absolutely pertaining to the consumer’s choices then other than the necessity in replica of reload the web page.
Item Filters– Store Page– Information with Classifications Increased
Live class filters do lie raised in accordance with expose child courses of hover and also redact navigating simple. On touch-enabled tools, tapping a category’s expander recommends its youngsters.
Item Filters– Shop Page– Filters after that Thumbnails
Add instinctive thumbnails ancient along remain manufacture filters for product groups, tags then associates, showing real shades, intuitive symbols after that logos.
Locating the matching manufacture along keep Item Filters yet instinctive thumbnails.
Customers can locate items easily along with real-time Item Filters displaying user-friendly thumbnails.
WooCommerce Product Look assists you based on uncover as you customers are searching since or enhance you shop’s supplying in consistency with meet contemporary then trending demands.
With WooCommerce Product Browse thou enjoyment get valued understandings relating to such as you consumers are keeping an eye out for. Discover the advanced ask efficiency after that characteristics according to enhance you shop.
Discover what exactly thine clients are searching for. Do you use where your customers want in conformity with buy? WooCommerce Product Look helps you with valued understandings.

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