WooCommerce Recommendation Engine Version : 3.2.9

Recommendation Engine immediately recommends products to clients based on their surfing history and orders. It can suggest products based upon views, purchase history, and products that were purchased together. Widgets can also be used to display the suggested items. This is a great way to engage clients.

  • Product Version : 3.2.9
  • Last Updated: JUNE 10, 2022

WooCommerce Recommendation engine

Consistently offer product recommendation to customers

WooCommerce Recommendation engine objective allows you to set up Amazon.com and Netflix fashion product suggestions for your clients. The plugin instantly recommends products based on the individual’s attempt history, purchase documents, or goods that are often bought together. This plugin is full-size after furnishing because it automatically crosses yet on offers and can help customers search for additional products beyond your store.

Types of Recommendations

Associated Products By Sight

This module displays merchandise clients have viewed. The recommendation apparatus data source tapes each age that a person watches a manufacturer. The component later refines this data and suggests products that are often seen together. You can give your daughter digital goods at a great price.

Use Acquisition Background to Find Relevant Products

This part shows the amount of goods purchased per hour by the same customers. According to the time that the merchandise was purchased, it is no longer desired. This is because merchandise purchased by the same customers upstairs can be displayed. This is a full-sized pathway that allows consumers to purchase additional products at the same time by showing them items that are of no use to them.

Products purchased together

This is a product that is frequently purchased in the exact same period and for the exact same order. This type of absorb can be used to create a replica of a product and then display a list of goods that are often required together after an order is completed. Accessories, even if of poor quality, can often be purchased at the same time by an individual. This tool will then display those packages after users have stopped using them. A great way to get consumers to imitate purchase goods that they might not have thought of or believed they would need.


WooCommerce Recommended Products

This devastation allows you to show Related Products By View and Related Products with the aid of Acquisition Background recommendations.

WooCommerce purchased products

This risk allows you to comply with the program the Products Acquired With each of your referrals.

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