WooCommerce Request a Quote Version : 2.4.2

WooCommerce Request for a Quote extension allows your customers to add products into a quote basket, and request price estimates for the products that interest them.

  • Product Version : 2.4.2
  • Product Last Updated : APR 26, 2022

A direct relationship with customers can make it easier to convert sales and increase conversion rates. Customers may want more information before purchasing certain products. Many customers will be glad to use the option to request a quotation in such situations. There are many WooCommerce solutions to help you incorporate this feature. We will be discussing some of the most popular WooCommerce Request A Quote plugins that can help you increase your sales and convert more customers.

ELEX WooCommerce Quote Plugin (Free).

The ELEX WooCommerce Quote Request Plugin allows you to add a quote request feature to your store. You won’t lose out on sales opportunities as customers have the option to negotiate the price. The store owners can review the quotes of customers before they approve or reject them. The advanced notifications feature makes it easy for customers to review quotes and approve or reject them. It works with WooCommerce’s simple and varied products and has easy configuration options.

This plugin allows you to request a quote on your WooCommerce store.

The plugin also allows you to map the request form fields with the WooCommerce order fields. This ensures that the quote is processed flawlessly. The plugin uses the lightbox feature to display the quotation list so customers can place a quote on one tab and not have to go to multiple pages. You can also check out the premium edition of the ELEX WooCommerce Request a quote Pugin for more advanced features such as making certain products or user groups available for the quote request option, customizable SMS notifications, and so on.

YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote

This plugin allows customers to request a quote from you by selecting a group of products in your store. Customers will no longer need to purchase the product online. They can negotiate the price by visiting your store. Customers would have the ability to negotiate which is a big advantage. This would allow store owners to better engage customers and increase conversions.

This is one of the popular free WooCommerce Request a Quote plugins in the WordPress repository.

This plugin allows you to create a page that is customized for customers who request quotes on your store. The button to Request a quote will allow your customers to access the page from the product detail page. You can also customize the text displayed on the request a quote button. The plugin allows you to deactivate the Add-to-cart button in your entire store, or on certain product pages. After receiving a quote request, you can customize the email you send to customers. This plugin is a popular WooCommerce Request A Quote plugin and is used by many WooCommerce store owners.

You can also check out the premium HTMLITH Request for a Quote plugin.

Product Enquiry Pro

Product Enquiry Pro is a WooCommerce plugin which allows customers to ask questions about your products. This plugin makes it easy to convert leads and capture them on your WooCommerce store. This plugin makes it easy for customers to request quotes or ask questions about your product through your WooCommerce store’s inquiry button.


This allows you to generate a price quote right from WordPress. It also allows you to negotiate back and forth until you reach an agreement. It makes it simple for customers to inquire about multiple products via a single inquiry email.

Your dashboard allows you to respond directly to leads’ inquiries. This plugin is essential if you want genuine leads to convert to sales.

NP Quote Request WooCommerce

This plugin is one of the many WooCommerce Request A Quote plugins available in the WordPress repository. This plugin will allow you to generate leads from customers who wish to request a quote on certain items. This plugin allows you to restrict the functionality of your WooCommerce cart to only allow for request for quotes. Customers will be able checkout with regular products while simultaneously asking for a quote if you only have certain products that offer request a quotation functionality.

You have many options when it comes to setting up the Request a quote feature in your WooCommerce store.

This plugin can be used with both simple and complex products. The plugin can be configured in two ways. You can apply the plugin to all products in your store or just for certain products. The premium version of this plugin offers many additional features. This plugin allows you to offer the feature to specific customers based on their user roles. If you’re testing this functionality in your WooCommerce store, however, the plugin is free.

WooCommerce Request A Quote

This plugin allows business owners to add a “Request a quote” button to their entire website, select products or user groups. This plugin allows you to hide prices for specific products and the entire site. Emails will also be sent to owners when new quotations are added to the system. This allows them to follow up with potential customers. The quotation system allows users to add quotes to their quotation basket, submit multiple quote lists and then submit the form.


It prompts users to log into to view prices. This makes it easy to create separate pricing options for wholesale customers of existing products on the site. The ‘Request for a Quote’ form can be customized to include the relevant fields, such as the quantity of a product. You can also choose when, where, and who to activate the ‘Request for a Quote’ functionality. This plugin also allows you to create a ‘Call For Price’ button. Customers can easily keep track of all quotes sent to them from their “My Account” page.

Request a Quote

This plugin allows customers to request information or quotes about your products. The plugin settings make it easy to customize the request for a quote form to suit your store strategy. Customers will be able choose from multiple products when they request a quote. This plugin allows you to restrict this feature to registered users. This plugin allows you to display a table of submitted requests and quotes on your frontend.

You can use this plugin to create customized quote request forms on your WooCommerce store.

You can also customize the email notifications you send customers after receiving a quote request. You can filter and bulk import all available quote requests to your store. This plugin is an excellent option for small business owners, especially if you are looking to request a quote from WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Quotes

You can hide the prices of each product in your store and instead of clicking Add-to-cart, place a custom button to request a quotation. Customers can click the request a quote button to express their interest in these products. After a quote has been finalized, customers can receive a notification email. Customers can also be provided a payment link in an email. This plugin is the most basic of all free WooCommerce request for a quote plugins.

This plugin helps you set up quote requests on a per product basis on your WooCommerce store.

Benefits of the Request a quote functionality

Here are some facts to help you understand how eCommerce merchants can use request for a quote.

It allows for pricing flexibility

WooCommerce store owners are concerned about pricing the products correctly. There are many factors that can help determine a price. These include the amount of the item, shipping destination, future value, and the potential value of the customer’s purchase. In certain situations, it is better to get to know your customer before revealing the product’s price. WooCommerce’s free request for a quote plugins make it easy to generate leads and communicate with customers before you reveal the price.

In a competitive marketplace, your product prices can be hidden from your competition.

It can help you build your customer base

Customers who are considering larger purchases can benefit from quotes. Many customers are looking for the best deal and may find quotes to be a great way to compare prices before making a purchase. A quote option will also help customers, both new and old, express their interest in your products. Many customers will want to negotiate before finalizing a deal. The WooCommerce request for a quote plugins are free and can be used to help you build your customer base by considering other relevant factors.

To improve customer interaction, use the free WooCommerce Request for a Quote plugins

The free WooCommerce request for a quote plugins can be used to allow customers to make price negotiations. Store owners will also be able to make better pricing decisions based on multiple factors. We hope this article has given you some ideas about free WooCommerce request for a quote plugins. Leave a comment and share your experiences with these plugins.

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