WordPress Automatic Plugin Version: 3.56.1

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Are you looking for an auto plugin that automatically display any posts or pages from any website on the user’s website? If yes, then the WordPress Automatic Plugin is a good catch for you as this plugin is known to automatically display all posts, pages, or products from famous websites like Facebook, Youtube, Amazon, etc. on your website with the help of WordPress auto post plugin. The List of WordPress Automatic Plugin sources is too long to import the content. If you also want to get this plugin at a budget-friendly price, then you can get it from the website of Theme Price at a Discounted price which will perfectly fit within your budget as well. We will help you take a closer look at the highlighted features of WP Automatic Plugin to give you a brief description of the advanced performance of this plugin.

  • Product Version : 3.56.1
  • Product Last Updated : July 6, 2022

Features of WordPress Automatic Plugin:

Import Content From Popular Websites

It allows the users to import the content from various popular platforms like Shopping Website, Social Media Websites, Listing Websites, News Feed Websites, and many more.

Add Ads Automatically

The WP Automatic Plugin inserts two ads in the post automatically and the users can set the position of the ads where they want to display them in their post or website.

Set Featured Image Automatically

Featured image is the very first image of the post that displays at the top position of the post. So, the WordPress Automatic Plugin automatically sets the featured image of the post.

Add Custom Fields

One can also add the custom fields in the post automatically without any trouble. The custom fields like title, author, content, image, price, rating, etc. can be added in the post automatically.

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