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Are you owning a website and is looking for an appropriate plugin that can help you to optimize the images of your website? If yes, then the WP Smush Pro is the right choice of plugin which is considered as one of the best Image Optimizer which helps to effectively and easily optimize the images of the WordPress sites. Optimizing the content of the website seems really important to speed up the website as the images always make the website heavy and also affect the loading speed of the website negatively. There are a number of image optimizer plugins are available in the marketplace but all of them are not as good as the WP Smush. A number of plugins affect the quality of the image while optimizing by lossy compression. The users often worders that if their website really needs an image optimizer or not, then let us tell you that it is really very important if your website is using more images then it can make your website heavy. So, in that case, you obviously need to get an image optimizer that will help you to optimize your WordPress website for both performance and speed by compressing the images of your website.

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  • Product Version: 3.10.3
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Don’t take a toll on your website page loading speed by ignoring the heaviness of the images that you used for your WordPress website. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the highly advanced Smush Pro Plugin for your website to take the loading speed of your website to the next level. The free version and WP Smush Pro Nulled of this plugin is also available but that is not a perfect choice if you are using it for your business website as it comes with restricted features and if you want to get seamless features of Smush Pro, then we will suggest you to upgrade the free version to the premium version that will unlock various features that will positively help you to efficiently and effectively optimize the images of your website. By installing and activating this revolutionary and advanced plugin for your website, you can bring a proper balance between site aesthetics and SEO scores with this image compressor. To give you a better understanding of this image compressor, we will take you to a short tour of a few features of this plugin.

Advanced features of WP Smush Pro:

Unlimited Bulk Smush

This advanced image compressor comes with Unlimited Bulk Smush that allows the users to optimize the images of your website in just one single click. It smushes the images of your website automatically when you upload them on your website. It optimizes the images without compromising the image quality.

Super Smush of Images

When you will compare the performance of this premium version with the free version, then you will find out that you will get 2x compression than that. The super smush allows the users to optimize the images with an advanced compression algorithm that results in saving more than 2x without compromising the image quality.

Backup Original Images

It’s not like that the users will not get the original images if once they optimized the image of their website as this plugin comes with the feature to backup the original images so that if you need the original image with original quality again in future, then you can restore them. This feature is optional.

Auto Convert PNG Image file to JPEG

WP Smush Pro comes with an auto converter that automatically converts the PNG files into JPEG to reduce the size of the file that may make your website heavy. While doing this, it also maintains the quality of the image.

Individual Optimization of Images

When it comes to the optimization of images, then a number of Smush Pro users disabled the automatic image optimization for their website, then such users can also optimize the images of their website individually via their WordPress media library.

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