YITH Infinite Scrolling Premium Version : 1.5.2

Your web site can be scrollable without limit. YITH’s infinite scrolling plugin is a must-have for anyone who uses scrolling.

  • Product Version : 1.5.2
  • Last Updated: JAN 28, 2022

YITH Infinite scrolling premium

We were able to scroll web pages in the community age, which allowed us to have access to the content over all our calls. The YITH Infinite scrolling plugin also captures the same thinking and lures it to your online shop.

This is a very basic idea: Close to all of your lost sales are motivated through two most important factors: customers spend a lot of time browsing your website, or they are constantly harassed if they find something else than usual.

This means that you can speed up or streamline the navigation via thine website using a scrolling statute comparable to the one ye find between associative network do not remain the correct movement according to thy sales!

Consider it as a gift. How often did thou find websites 2 in your Google search? How long would thine search repercussions be preserved presence?


People don’t visit the amazing web pages about the effects of a query and then, clause it does, they stop listening to the music regarding the objects that she is amazed into. Worse, they forget who discovered them.

Therefore, it is not advisable to have a greater solution than the ease of accessing all the content by simply scrolling beneath the page. This will reduce the packing time of similar pages but consumers can still choose a place in line with the results.

YITH Infinite Scrolling proves this is important: clients will be in a position to give the final results straight, even next to a smartphone between whom the number scrolling feels more comfortable than searching for a small selection to trade the page.

People who are already stressed may also choose their own loading impact. This will allow them to add a personal touch to the customer experience. There’s more: YITH Infinite scrolling, which is a combination of the YITH WooCommerce Quick View plug, can be combined to create a real synergy that will allow you to expect to carry out every supply within a tread about an overview all the useful items and the most essential information.

In short, the plugin is the best gadget in the era where more and more people surf the internet than ever before. It will increase the conversion rate following customers to the amount they buy, but it also represents a solid investment into a market that is both early and late-prospering.


Allow for endless scrolling because one piece is all you need (blog, shop, etc.). ).

Send us a customized filling image.


All applications pertaining to the broad version

You can scroll unlimitedly according to as many areas as you like.

Handle each share through its own choice panel.

Choose from “infinite Scrolling”, “lots more button”, and “ajax pagination”.

You can choose from a list of predetermined loader symbols, or create your own.

You can use the note since the switch to get “lots more” pagination. Also, gather one or more customisation courses.

Choose an augmentation caused by content material loading.

Every epoch, page url can be instantly updated. Modern-day variables are entered right into ajax

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