YITH Product Size Charts for WooCommerce Premium Version : 1.1.26

The garment size charts should be displayed in your shop to help customers. It will be very easy for the customer to purchase the item since he already knows the dimensions. To make sure the visitor doesn’t have to leave the item window, the plugin can be adjusted fully.

  • Product Version : 1.1.26
  • Last Updated: MAR 18, 2021

WooCommerce Premium Product Size Charts by YITH

You can provide more statistics to your customers, which will make them more interested in your service. What’s even better than knowing how a slim tog fits you if you don’t have the opportunity to try it out before you buy? To make your online shop complete and avoid any misinformation, a reveal desk with all success information is what you need.


Customers’ frustration with online orders stems mainly from their inability to fulfill their assumptions. It could be that this is neither dependent on thou nor on them. Simply because each garment factory has its own requirements for dimensions, or they are very close together, that can lead to customers being dissatisfied with on-line orders.

The problem is that clients may be dissatisfied with the amount they touch. This is because the chances of misinterpretations are greatly diminished if you present the correct measurements to your clients.

This is how we have created YITH Product Dimension graphes for WooCommerce. A plugin that aims to solve the range of problems and allows you to provide consumers with all necessary statistics prior to acquisition. You both gain a replica of the benefit: she is happy and you don’t get complaints about incorrect dimensions. This could lead to lost clients and a loss of time.

There is more. You can use them for anything related to manufacturing, not just clothes.


You can create unlimited quantities of graphes

Each bulk directory that is created in accordance to one item should be affixed


All objectives in the arbitrary version

After the production of the same product, designate a larger than specified dimension roll

Choose the show setting that you prefer: tab, popup, or tabbed popup

You can choose to use the function popup button, or customize your style.

Your popup should have a design, colours, and start effects.

You can modify pigmentations, and you can also create thin quantity charts.

You can assign one more quantity chart based on the courses, but according to all products in your shop

Formatted textual material and media are included in the story of your graphes

You can design more than one altar chart based on other items from the same date using WordPress quantity customization device

Duplicate Product Dimensions Charts New

After you have displayed your church graphes, use widgets

Use the Shortcode New to publish the Dimension Graph Table

Shortcode metabox in manufacture dimension graphes New

You can add thine quantity charts using shortcodes, PHP code or tinyMCE editor

You can select the area you require in a replica of a nearby ball game from the manufacturing information sites.

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