YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On Premium Version : 1.13.0

If you own many Brands Attachments to Brands are a fantastic plug-in. The plugin manages Brands effectively and displays the Brands on different websites according to the requirements using of shortcodes and widgets. This plugin is extremely user-friendly and lets you look up Brands by using Ajax Search.

Add-On Premium for YITH WooCommerce Brands

  • Product Version : 1.13.0
  • Last Updated: MAY 02, 2022

Everyone is aware of the advantages marketing products can offer over traditional brands. They provide a service as they ensure high-quality and guarantee that the product is in the minds of customers.

This YITH WooCommerce Brands Addon lets you circulate an industry-specific regulation in your store. This is a common option today due to whatever product you sell is a clear indication to customers of the manufacturer they can trust and are more inclined to purchase the salvo.


Take into consideration the cost manufacturers are willing to accept for your shop. Customers will be attracted to you if you are using the same brands and will be more enthusiastic when you sell quality products with high-end prices.

All of this is achievable without much effort thanks to our plugin, YITH WOOCommerce Brands Addon.

You can display who the creators are on the production page. listing all brand names within the conservacion in a sidebar, and filter items according to business.

We also offer the extension YITHWOOCommerce Ajax Browse to allow customers to look up products that are related to a particular brand. This will allow the plugin to be more useful, while remaining selling-oriented.

The plugin lets you to quickly attract the attention of your customers through the combination of its five widgets and its viii quickcodes.

This plugin came about through the feedback of customers who promoted products from identified brands. It soon became an essential component as people are able to shop for items such as cars, food clothing, jewelry, and many more!


Use taxonomy “Brands”

You can also create producers, but you need to you must leave a logo and the name.

Manage the brand name hierarchy.

Every item could require you to choose one particular supplier or a higher quantity of vendors.

Display brand names on the information about the item website.

Every brand includes an archive site.

Costs vary based on the ATTRIBUTES

All the functions of the free version.

Link is an ensign and then a link based on the brand name.

Choose the taxonomy for the brand name you want to use from the the plugin’s scantiness taxonomy. (Brands). Taxonomies for production that are repellent are readily accessible (i.e. tags, classifications or attributes).

You can alter the maker’s position on the information page for the item However, you must preserve this page.

You can select web content materials based on the display of the pages that are maintained (brand name or logo design, and/or each).

Since suppliersare the source, the default brand does not include images.

5 widgets.

9 shortcodes.

The maker’s logo amount must be determined between the Shop website and the Product detail web pages.

Compatible to Yoast SEO is the honor of the brand. is dynamically placed in between “title” of the manufacturer.

Include the scent of the company in line with the manufacturer’s LINK between a possible means New.

Compatibility WooCommerce Inputer/Exporter Neu

The new feature is to import brand-name product link that is in accordance with guidelines.

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